Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Instead of dinner...

This is what Lola decided to do last night instead of eating her dinner....

Yes, our house is a total disaster and there is laundry drying all over the place, but here is some more jumping action -

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lola and William in action

This video is from Saturday at William's. Unfortunately, there is another video that I'm not able to post here (I think its too big). The other video shows them playing so crazy together, I think they jumped off the chair on to the mats about 200 times. There was a break at some point for a frantic and enormous dinner, but later they took it further and jumped continuously from the coffee table to the couch. Finally Lola passed out without a word in the other room...

Me-Mouse 8/22/08

Here's Lola hanging out in her cave the other day reading her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Allspice and pepper

Lola tried to help with the cooking tonight. We now have a slightly orange countertop because she spilled curry powder everywhere. She had a lot of fun until we removed her... then it got ugly.

Lola's sick day 8/15/08

This is what Lola did during one of her "sick days." I had taken the cushions and cover off the couch to wash it all and so she just ran up and down the couch and jumped on it for what seemed like hours.

This next one is from the same sick day. Here Lola is having a blast running around the (very messy!) house in sunglasses... and then deciding that she wants to watch South Park.